While I was staring at the wall wondering what to write about, I felt like having something sweet.

In my mind I was also struggling to think of something which would not add on to the extra layers of fat.

Considering what was available at home I struggled to come up with anything healthy except for a lauki juice, but that would definitely not satisfy my taste buds as well as my current sweet cravings !

So I thought of making a mango shake (yeah, I know after so much thinking!!)

But I decided to make the mango shake a little differently….

Here’s what you need to do:

1.) Cut a portion of a mango into small cubes and set it aside.

2.) Blend the rest of the mango with milk, ice cubes and a little bit of sugar. Let it rest for a minute.

3.) Add the small mango cubes to a glass and pour the thick mango shake into it.

I also added a little cream to it. (I am going to the nearby mall for a sale so walking there would burn some calories for sure )

Once you sip of the shake with the little chunks of mangoes in your mouth you will likely forget everything and realise why ‘Mango is the king of fruits!’

Mango chunks, milk, sugar added to the mangoes in the jug

All set for blending #mango shake

mango shake

the thick shake is then poured into the glass with mango chunks

Till the next hunger craving!

see ya



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