Maggi Noodles

Maggi for me, is not just a snack but also an emotion, specially on a rainy afternoon as a companion to my cup of black tea.

We have all grown up eating Maggi from the time it was not as easily available as it is today.

I remember, as kids, we used to get free samples of the newly introduced flavours of Maggi distributed in our school. Since me and my sister went to the same school we would have two packets.

Back then the quantity was also much more than what it is today.

Maggi is an important part for a lot of people …students in hostels, people staying away from home, sometimes also for newly married couples with minimal culinary skills.

So let me share a small method, on how to make this favourite instant noodles of ours a little more healthier.

1.) Cut open a packet of Maggi and put into a pan/kadai of boiling hot water. After a couple of minutes strain the Maggi and throw away the water.

2.) Put the strainer with the maggi under the a running tap for a few seconds and set aside.

This removes the extra starch and some of the maida from the maggi.

3.) Light the gas and add some clean water to the pan again. You can also add some oil and sauté some onions instead (depending on your choice )

4.) Add as many vegetables you prefer / like….carrots, beans, peas, spinach, corn, mushroom  etc to the sautéd onion or to the water and let it boil. Non vegetarians can shred some left over cooked chicken to the same.

5.) After the vegetables are moderately cooked and a nice broth is ready put in the strained noddles and add the masala to it.

After it reaches the desired consistency, stop cooking and your healthy Maggi is ready.

6.) Garnished with some fresh coriander and you now have a meal which not only has the taste of maggi but the goodness of vegetables. Enjoy a guilt free treat!

What’s your favourite ‘toppings / additions’ to Maggi ?

Also, Maggi now comes in wide variety of flavours. Which ones of these have you tried ? You can also click on the images to buy them directly from Amazon in bulk and get some sweet discounts 🙂

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