A couple of days back while I was getting ready for office, the door bell rang. Partly annoyed and partly curious I went to see who had landed up so early in the morning. Sheepishly one of the guards from my society handed me a paper and apologised for disturbing me at that hour.

The notice was for collecting all plastic items in the house and handing it over to the house keeping on a particular date. The list read

  1. Plastic bags of all types
  2. Plastic glasses, spoons, straws
  3. Plastic delivery containers
  4. Thermocol plates/cups…..

For a second I thought how much I am going to lose now. All the quality packets I have tucked under my bed will have to be thrown…my heart sank thinking of parting ways with the containers I had collected for storing various items in the fridge 😛

Suddenly realised I was getting late and shrugged off the thought and went back to getting ready. That day later in office I went through Amazon and found these amazing net bags to replace my plastic packets and containers for storing veggies and other stuff.

HomeStrap 12 Piece Microfiber Fridge Bags for Rs 549

These multi purpose bags come mostly in packs of 6 and 12 and are reasonably priced. Each pack contains three sizes – large, medium and small so that its convent to put things of various shapes and size. Another advantage these bags have is that you can put in the veggies and wash in them itself. Very convenient for cleaning vegetables specially the leafy greens by putting them directly under a running tap without spilling them all over.

Pack of 12 available for Rs 329

Similar bags are also available for storing shoes with small transparent patch on it. So the next time you are looking to match your footwear with your clothes you exactly know which one to open 🙂 without having to open each and look for the right pair!

SHOESHINE INDIA Cotton Shoe Bag With Transparent Window Set of 12,Black & Beige for Rs 429