Keep Walking – Jonny Walker

But how does one do it when you are in pain? Maybe a good pair of shoes can help! Yes it did for me and hence sharing my experience.

Skechers, by far has been one of my favourite when it comes to comfortable shoes.

‘Feels like walking on the bed’ - That’s what memory foam does to your feet. Memory foam in Skechers sport shoes is an ultra-soft insole that instantly contours to foot which gives you customized cushioning system only to elevate everyday comfort.

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Most women have a fetish for shoes and like to match them according to their outfit. But in the process many a times we end up buying shoes which are not ideal for the foot. The major damage is caused by the flat sandles which we realise only few years later once the problem hits us.

How many of you have felt some pain on the bottom of your heel right in the morning after waking up or after  a long walk?

What is it ?

This is nothing but Plantar fasciitis which causes pain in the bottom of the heel. The plantar fascia is a thick set of ligament that connects our heel to the front of the foot. It supports the arch of your foot and helps you walk.

This generally starts with one heel and then gradually affects both feet. This is one of the most common foot problem and mostly seen in women.


Too much pressure on the feet leads to damage of the ligaments and inflammation of the plantar fascia which causes the heel pain.

While obesity, sudden weight gain, excessive walking/running, jobs which require of standing for long, shape of foot etc are said to be few of the reasons along with wearing of bad shoes.

What helped me:

Not that am a doctor but sharing my experience which helped my plantar fasciitis pain get a little better.  I tried many brands but Skechers was the only one which helped the most. You can also try wearing silicon soles inside your shoes for extra comfort. So pick your shoes and keep walking!

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